2013 International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture


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Welcome to the ICSA

Please join us on February 20 & 21 for the 2nd annual International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture (ICSA). The ICSA will bring together the national and international agricultural community to discuss how the technology of SumaGrow™ is rapidly changing the face of farming.

The conference will focus on the features and advantages of using BSEI’s SumaGrow™ products to increase crop quality and yields while reducing the over dependence on synthetic fertilizer inputs.

The ICSA will address the many challenges facing the future of food production- including land degradation, soil erosion and nutrient runoff, and water eutrophication and pollution- and offer sustainable solutions that support a safer, healthier planet that provides for future generations. 

The ICSA is specifically designed for:

  • Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Scientists
  • Educators    
  • Students
  • Turf Specialists   
  • Advocates
  • Non-Profits

Results will be given from over 100 national and international field trials conducted in 2012.

Scientists, agronomists, agricultural professionals and large scale producers will present the latest data and results documenting the efficacy of SumaGrow™-based products on a wide variety of crops grown in diverse climates and soil conditions both in the United States and internationally.  Our international trials include the countries of Canada, India, Italy, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. 

Our crop trials include row crops, fruit and vegetable crops, forage and hay crops, rice, tea, coffee and many other specialty crops.

Click here to view a video taken from a field trial conducted in our 2012 crop trials. 

Internationally recognized professionals in the industry of agriculture and microbiology will discuss and present data on:

  • How to grow higher yielding crops while decreasing or eliminating fertilizer inputs
  • The fundamental role microorganisms play in plant development and health
  • The results of over 100 crop trials conducted in 2012 throughout the United States and internationally
  • Crop specific discussions pertaining to row crops, fruit and vegetable crops, rice, tea, coffee and other specialty crops
  • The global dilemma of meeting the nutritional demands of a growing population with limited arable farmland and natural resources
  • Sustainable Agriculture: What it means and why it matters

The ICSA provides you with the unique opportunity to meet and network with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences who share the common passion for humanity, the earth and the legacy we leave behind.


Featuring the technology of SumaGrow

The award winning technology of SumaGrow has demonstrated the ability to increase crop yields and reduce or eliminate fertilizer dependence by increasing soil health and fertility. We believe that BSEI’s SumaGrow™ products will help redefine scientific, industrial, and environmental approaches to sustainable agriculture. There is no other microbial formulation on the market today that contains such a comprehensive set of microbial groups which substantially increases the productivity of such a broad spectrum of soft commodities such as corn, legumes, cereals, fruits, and forage crops. SumaGrow™ is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production and is an ingredient in numerous liquid soil products on the market today.


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